Hauschka’s “Who Lived Here?”: A music video to #ENDviolence against children

Sometimes music and video fit so perfectly that they create something which moves beyond beautiful and into the realms of masterpiece. Hauschka’s “Who Lived Here? is a hauntingly atmospheric piece of instrumental music which is almost perfect on its own. Accompanied by these images it is mind-blowing.
‘Who Lived Here?’ (taken from Hauschka’s recent album ‘Abandoned City’)  was specifically picked to accompany a new video produced for UNICEF to promote their End Violence Against Children campaign in Liberia. The film tells the fictional story of a 10-year-old Liberian girl who is repeatedly raped by a family friend and who, with the support of her teachers, family and her community, reports the crime to the police.
While the maximum sentence for child rape in Liberia is life imprisonment, relatively few suspected rapists are brought to justice. This is due to a combination of factors that also include reluctance to report by victims and families, who may instead opt to settle the crime informally, and the limited capacities of the security and justice sectors. In this context, while it is important to encourage reporting to the police, it is equally important to focus on changing individual perspectives on, and societal attitudes toward, rape.
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Hauschka LIVE

Hauschka will be playing in Vienna on the 28th of September in the Bockkeller and Treibhaus in Innsbruck and will also be playing the following dates:


July 19th                    Latitude Festival, Beccles, UK tickets
July 22nd                   Boomtown Festival, Ghent, Belgium tickets
August 8th              ARTmania Festival, Sibiu, Romania tickets                      
August 21st               CO Pop Festival, Cologne, Germany, tickets
September 6th           Musikwissenschaftliches Institut, Tuebingen, Germany, tickets  
September 11th         Leipziger Jazztage, Leipzig, Germany, tickets 
September 19th         Volksbuehne, Berlin, Germany, tickets 
September 25th         Union Chapel, London, UK tickets
September 26th         CCA Glasgow, UK tickets
September 27th        Festival Of Flanders, Ghent, Belgium, tickets 
September 28th         Bockkeller, Vienna, Austria, tickets  
September 29th         Treibhaus, Innsbruck, Austria, tickets 
October 5th               Swingfest, Denovali, Germany, tickets