Gürtel Nightwalk

(C) 3007Wien http://www.3007wien.at/
(C) 3007Wien http://www.3007wien.at/


It is that time of year again. The end of August is here, and that doesn’t just mark the end of this year’s so-called “summer”, it also means it is time to head to the Gürtel for a showcase in local Austrian talent and bars. It is the 17th!! edition of the nightwalk, and it continues to be an eclectic tour de force of Austrian music and of course, the Austrian bar/club culture along the Gürtel. 5 open-air stages and numerous clubs will be opening their doors for music-lovers, families, passers by and those that just like to have a drink in their local on a Saturday night.
An eclectic line-up means lots of choice, we were going to pick out the best bands to see, but pretty much all of them are worth lending your ear to. So here is a playlist of the bands Substance is Meaningless has picked out which you should be seeing, unfortunately a fair few of them are playing at the same time…  (Vera Kropf (Luise Pop) will be performing in the “Glaskubus”)
Check out the website for times and locations http://www.guertelnightwalk.at