She & the Junkies @ Goodball – Wiener Sportklub

© Alex Koch
Wiener Sportklub is a wonderful place. The fact that they are even fighting to survive is beggers belief. Saturday night saw the 6th annual Goodball football and band event for a good cause, a day which should have been about celebrating football and music and raising money. Unfortunately the weather didn’t play its part.
Those that did brave the wet conditions and headed to the “Catacombs” of the Sportklub were treated to an evening of local bands and jovial spirits despite the weather. Yasmo showed her linguistic talents with a mix of rapping prowess and awkward crowd interactions. Rika were as solid as ever and Anstatt Blumen played some lovely melodies which were perhaps a bit lost on the crowd. The stand-out band of the evening though, and the ones which really managed to get the small room bouncing, were without doubt She & the Junkies.
© Alex Koch
I had heard a lot about the “junk rockers” from St.Pölten in advance so I had high expectations for the gig. These were lowered slightly as three of the four members proceeded to free themselves of their obviously restrictive upper body wear, and images of head-banging scream rock flashed through my head.
© Alex Koch
Thank christ this wasn’t the case. What followed was an energetic, lively display and one of the best performances from an Austrian band I have seen in a long time. These guys clearly enjoy doing what they do. It didn’t take long for this energy to rub off on the rather cold crowd either as they went through a solid repertoire of catchy riffs and bass hooks. Musically it still seems as if they are looking for their sound as a lot of songs drifted from style to style, but that was just a further example of the potential they have.
She & the Junkies are dirty good fun to listen to, and are definitely a band to keep an eye on.
© Alex Koch