Hook + Loop

Hook + Loop

Music to heel wounds and take away the pain 

We love it when we check the SiM inboxes and find emails from local talent waiting for us. Especially when they make music as eclectic as Hook + Loop. The Viennese band make a sensual mix of pop jazz which focuses heavily on instruments which are generally forgotten in today’s pop world. Cello, violin, piano and drums take centre stage, accompanied by gentle vocals, which result in music which gently caresses the senses without being too dominant. If you’re looking for something to listen to on a relaxed afternoon, or in need of some music to wash away the stress of the day, then Hook + Loop is for you. 

Their self-titled debut album is set to be released on the 26th of September and will be accompanied by a release party in B72.

The album itself is a collection of eight years of band history, and is an artistic canvass, which paints a picture of the broad musical influences, talents and development of their unique sound.  The tracks dance on tiptoes across various genres as they dally with sing-a-long pop in the opener „Electrical Shiver“ or emotional jazz tunes like „Charlie“. The instruments violin, cello, piano and drums as well as three female and one male voice run like a red thread through the diverse musical mix and interplay perfectly with each other despite their independence. If you like this, then check out: Fräulein Hona, Tall William, The Wooden Cloud More information on the band and where to get the album here:  Facebook /// Website /// Soundcloud hook + loop