Léyya – Drowning In Youth


It was clear that this band had something about them the first time they popped up on the radar at the end of last year playing at Club Nolabel. What exactly it was, was uncertain, but there was a little whispering in the back of the head that they would be bringing something impressive out in the near future.

Impressive, Drowning in Youth, certainly is. From the first beat to the last, this has an originality, a moodiness, a sensuality which cries out for attention. It is a sultry temptress lulling you into a hypnotic submission before tearing you back into reality with its unnerving bass and drum line. The band are currently giving the track away for free on Soundcloud. Get it while you can.

This is a very big signal of intent from Léyya who have just been signed by Lasvegas Records. Let’s hope it continues. Listen to another track of theirs, Wolves, below.