The Knife – Brixton Academy

By Sigrid Huber 


Farewell The Knife. 

For those who kind of missed this news: Swedish electro sibling duo Karin Dreijer Anderson and Olaf Dreijer buried their musical career with a final tour – which also stopped at London’s Brixton Academy. We would not have expected it otherwise: The Knife left with a bang.

Songs like Silent Shout or Heartbeats (famously covered by Jose Gonzalez) catapulted the duo to the top end when it comes to Swedish music exports, but they have never been mainstream. The Dreijer siblings always had a twist in the tale and have always excelled at being different. In the earlier stages of their career they only appeared in public with Venetian masks and had their first tour six years after starting the project.

In the truest sense of words “Shaking the Habitual” is what happened at their final gig: a final party to celebrate with their fans and deliver their spirit of free sexuality and tolerance. Brixton Academy probably rarely sees such an addictive and crazy energy – and the audience paid tribute to The Knife with extravagant outfits and make-up.

The Knife

The Knife appeared with nine other people on stage – dancing and performing non-stop for over 90 minutes in metallic jumpsuits.

Their last show at Brixton Academy was one of the biggest parties the place has seen this year: This was no normal concert, there was no set list, no restrictions, just happy, dancing souls on stage which merged into one wave of over-excess as the crowd lost themselves to the feeling and the moment.

The Knife delivered dance interludes, poems (memorable presentation of  “Collective Body Possum” ) and proved for a last time (at least in this outfit) what incredible performers they are.