Kasabian @ Brixton Academy

By Sigrid Huber


Bawling. Beer. Bold Heads. Bursting atmosphere.

There are only a few bands still out there that have the power to turn Brixton academy into a football stadium, and Kasabian are one of them.

London showed no hard feelings for “accidentally” calling them c**ts a few weeks back in Glasgow and hailed the Leicester-natives as T H E last real Britpop band standing as the geezers turned the crowd into putty in their hands, justifying being voted the best act in the world by Q Magazine recently.

The Maccabees have been accompanying Kasabian on their current UK Tour and presented a few new songs during their 45min set. While we are impatiently waiting for the new record to come out (as rumoured that will be the case early next year) the question arose as to whether these two bands even fit together? Are they even playing to the same crowd? While Orlando Weeks and the rest of the biblical crew are the talented guys next door you want to be friends with, Tom and Serge are two lads you might not want to run into after Leicester FC lose against your team. But opposites can attract, as we know.

They seemed to keep the “Football Ethos” high for this record. After Maccabees left the stage they started a 30 minute countdown (in bright P I N K letters) before the stage went pitch black at zero. Tom Meighan was the ultimate stage hog, filled with confidence and testosterone adding the occasional “bitch”, “fucking”, “Leicester” or “Brixton” to his Lyrics. Serge Pizzorno – already known for his Skeleton Outfit – ditched the shirt with the bone-print this time, adopting a Super Mario-esque tail on his backside for style purposes. Nobody will ever know what it was for – but it left a proper impression.

photo (2)

You can’t have a headline tour these days without lasers, and lasers we certainly got in abundance. Pulling out all the stops the band also had female support in the form of a string quartet for their slower songs (needless to say they were wearing skeleton suits).

While in the past it seemed like they couldn’t decide who of the two is the “real” frontman, they appear to have come to a compromise. While Tom only found supportive and appreciatory words for his sandbox love – quote – “the pretty boy that is Serge Pizzorno” during the set, he also left the stage completely while Serge took over the microphone, to let him shine. It is not a big secret that Serge is the mastermind behind Kasabian, but besides being that genius it became pretty clear during his solo songs that there is no Kasabian without Meighans voice. The band just works best with both of them together.

Their set of 21 songs was first and foremost filled with their greatest hits: four of the first five songs were some of their biggest (Shoot the Runner, Underdog, Where Did all the Love Go, Days are Forgotten) and they instantly made clear what an incredible live band they are – and how incredibly dedicated their fans are. Meighan literally conducted the mad crowd with his pinky finger and the alternate singing between Tom and the audience was that accurate that is could have been staged.

photo (4)

Not only the temperature, the pogos and the number of flying beer cups increased during the set but also the excitement. Kasabian truly proved that they certainly do have their roots in the old British Britpop Legion, but they are more than that. They have taken this feeling into the modern age, a natural evolution of form. This is guitar rock with a twist. A massive, ballsy, sweaty fucking twist, or as Serge calls it : “future rock”.

They ended their show with a Fatboy Slim cover of Praise you – leading to their anthem: Lost Souls Forever, the band left the stage but the music didn’t, as the fans chanted the chorus onto the Brixton streets and into the night. Team Kasabian won this one hands-down.