On a park bench with… Léyya


Léyya make sultry electro-indie music that drizzles over the senses like hot candle wax on a naked body. The video for their brand new track “Wolves” came out on the December 5th, and as expected it is another tour de force from the band signed to Las Vegas Records. Substance is Meaningless caught up with Marco and Sophie on an icy in some long lost forest to talk about which politicians should be rocking the stage, curing broken hearts and what they really want for Christmas.

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Beer or spritzer? Beer. Because beer.

When it is cold and wet in Vienna, what is the best thing to do? Stay in bed and sleep all day. Then order a pizza and sleep again.

What does youth means to you? Youth is like being on vacation.. you plan visiting all the monuments and places and cute animals, but in the end you stay in your room and watch TV. It’s kind of frightening to have that much options. Better be in a secure place (with cute animals haha) without making decisions.

If you were stuck on an island, which celebrity, which book, which film and which album would you HATE to have with you?

There are many celebrities we would hate to be with alone on an island, but the worst case scenario would be the following: Nicki Minaj reading “Feuchtgebiete” during watching the movie “Feuchtgebiete” and listening to her latest record afterwards.

A person you would love to have a conversation with, alive or dead. What would you say? Miles Davis. I’d probably ask him to do a vocal-falsetto solo on an upcoming record of mine, even though he was not a good singer, I think. Would be funny.

Coolest city in the world is… Our hometown Eferding. Best potatoes in the world, maybe that’s cool nowadays… (SiM – Potatoes, the hipster of vegetables in 2015, you heard in here first) 

Yppenplatz or Naschmarkt? Naschmarkt. Weird men selling weird fruits and shit.

The recipe for a deadly hangover is… Nussschnaps – trust me, I can’t remember my 18th. (Who can?????) 

A friend has a weekend to get to know Austria, what would you show them and why? I would recommend going to small-underground-club gigs in vienna – many good artists and nice people.

Name a politician you could imagine forming a band with and why? What instrument would they play? I would definitely form a reggae band with Eva Glawischnig (Grünen) (funny irony there) – she would play the bass.


Sexiest word in the German dictionary? How would you use it in a sentence? Firlefanz. I wanna make firlefanz to you!

The craziest thing you have ever seen at a gig? 100% of the crowd actually watching the gig. No one talking.

Your pet hate? Puh, there are many things, but we both hate taking the U6 in summer. Feels like ‘Packed Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box’.

You can come back as any animal in your “second life” – What would it be and why? Cat. Sleeping and eating all day, just perfect.

Three songs to cure a broken heart are…

Oasis – ‘Wonderwall’

Radiohead – ‘Give Up The Ghost’

Bonnie Tyler – ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’

The last film you cried to was… I never cry, i only water my beard.

Most famous person you have ever met? Once I was working at the Stadthalle Wien, I met Bruno Mars – actually I only saw him and he’s a very very small person.

Last time you broke the law was… Playing slightly too loud at a gig.

The most overrated band in the world is… One Direction. Calling them the new Beatles is blasphemy. Amen.

Boxers or tighty whities? I hate boxers…everything’s wobbly and shaky.

If you could have one super power what would it be and why? Forcing people to pay for music…so we have a better income.

What do you want for Christmas? Supersoaker!!