On a park bench with…Kommando Elefant


Kommando Elefant’s music lies between electro and guitar, between humour and tragedy. The band’s long-awaited 4th album “Lass uns Realität” came out in November 2014 and saw them dive into a more modern, dance-fuelled sound. Their first single from the album “Ich find dich selfsame” with its just as strange video proved to be a welcome return to the scene for the Elefants.

Substance is Meaningless caught up with the Alfred and Luis from the band for a bit of pre-Christmas chitter-chatter to discuss the important things in this season of goodwill, like being Leonardo diCaprio and starting a colony on Mars.

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Beer or spritzer? Unanimously beer

If you were stuck on an island, which celebrity, which book, which film and which album would you HATE to have with you?

Celeb: Someone really dumb… like Sarah Palin.

Book: Something esoteric

Film: I love all movies

Album: Mmmh, I guess a cd including christmas carols wouldn´t survive long on my island

Lover or fighter? Lover

What’s your favourite Karaoke song? The last one of the evening

A song that made you want to be in a band… Sweet Child o Mine

If you could throw a pie in one celebrities face, who would it be and why? Hilmar Kabas, cause he is used to it. But in fact i´d rather eat it by myself instead of wasting it.

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and you were Leonardo diCaprio? I would probably do something stupid… like buying my favourite club. Or get myself a boat!

The best place to hear good music in Vienna is… B72

Last good song you heard on the radio was… Bruce Springsteen – I am on fire

You are chosen to start a new colony on Mars and have to take 4 people with you to start a new civilization. Who would you take and what would their duties be?

Kate Moss – to have sex with and start a new breed of ultimate beautiful drug addicts

Boris Yeltsin – he likes to party and sure knows something about politics

Dr Drew – as psychologist and taking care on our mental health

Billy Blanks – cause we need to stay in shape!


How would you define a hipster? Someone without opinion but who makes sure that his outfit fits perfectly.

The ultimate Christmas film is…  The last Unicorn

The worst present you got for Christmas as a kid was A tooth brush. Or Playmobil stuff that my parents nicked from my drawer the day before.

It’s Christmas time, what songs makes you think of the season? Wham – Last Christmas

What is your new year’s resolution? Luis: Drink Alcohol only once a week. Alf: Not Drinking alcohol only once a week.