Lime Crush – Lime Crush 7″



The first few seconds of “Graveyard” are like an electro-shock to the brain. At heart-attack inducing pace the track kicks in with pulsating bass, grating guitar and abrasive vocals. It’s 1 and a half minutes of Fuck You. Lime Crush have been around since December 2013 consisting of Veronika (Plaided / Tirana), Nicoletta (Mopedrock, Cry Baby), Panini (Aivery) and Andi Dvorak. Their debut release is set to come out on the 22nd of January with a live performance on the same day.

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22. January 2015 @ Atlier Konzerte 2019, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Wien
06. February 2015 @ Rhiz, Wien || Nil Desperandum