On Repeat – Best of January 2015 – Pt.2

On repeat_01_2015

Better late than never as they say! Here is the best music that made it through to us in January over various channels and carrier pigeons. If you’re not familiar with the concept, we try and post the best independent, unsigned or new bands which have tapped up our inboxes over the past month. The bands that need and deserve a little bit of attention.

If you want to be considered for the February edition, contact us through the following: Facebook/// Twitter /// Soundcloud  and of course email substanceismeaningless@gmail.com. (please send a band bio, album release dates etc with your emails!).


From the floating walls of sound, through the moving “baggy” groove to the sparks of proto–Brit Pop, comes Soda Fabric. They combine elements of Indie pop & Shoegaze, chasing melodies and shout along choruses. Their debut album “Atlantis”, mixed by Max Bloom (Yuck) is due to be released in spring 2015 via Anova Music.
Life In Film – Get Closer
Produced by Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur, Kaiser Chiefs), “Get Closer” is an upbeat indie-pop song that fuses a blues sentiment with introspective lyrics, catchy hooks and propulsive rhythms. It will bring a reminiscent tear to every 00’s indie kids still pining for those beer-fuelled and guitar-driven dirty dance floor discos.
Surf Rock is Dead – Late Risers
Duo Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg have a similar sound to The Drums when they were still good, especially so in their 2nd single Late Risers. Whether Surf Rock is Dead or not I could not give two flying f**ks as long as they continue to make tracks like this.
Cafeine – Electric
Brimming with toe-tapping and hand-clapping rhythm, Cafeine’s latest single, “Electric,” premiered with Culture Collide, and his album, New Love, will be released Feb 17th via Indica Records.
Equals – Black on Gold
Born in the musical melting pot of East London, Equals are James Low and Ade Omotayo. Their unique brand of electronic soul draws on influences ranging from UK garage to modern classical, with James’ sparse, hypnotic production offering the perfect counterpoint to the raw power and emotion of Ade’s voice.
“I Forgive You” is a sweeping, hauntingly lush track of duplicity. OOFJ broadly wanted to have the song feel like a restrained underwater heartbreak – a tale about perfect beings, aliens, being imperfect. “I Forgive You” also questions the idea of forgiveness, and how very rarely anyone can be forgiving, at least in totality.
Lusts – Temptation
Full of 80’s influences and music that could be more than at home blasting out of the tape deck of Ford Granada, Lust’s debut track is one which will turn your head. The Leicester-based brotherly due will release their AA-side single “Temptation”/”Cross” on 1965 Records on 2 March.