Stadtlicht – Wien Immer Wieder (lasergehirn Remix)

It is Monday. Have a remix


Stadtlicht is a Melange made out of Donaustadt and pop, Tyrol and lyrics, Meidling and dedication, styria and beats, bavaria and love. The Vienna-based band make pop music reminiscent of the old Hamburg school. Musically sound, but what makes the difference is the lyrics.

Their EP Neubau came out recently and the band will be playing live at Club Nolabel on Tuesday night. If you like your music with a sentimental undertone and dollops of German pop, then Stadtlicht might well be worth checking out.

The EP also came with a couple of remixes from Lasergehirn. “Wien Immer Wieder” being the better of the two as the original is given a slow-boiling beat and the ode to the Mundl-stadt is turned into an even more romantic affair than the original.

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