Fijuka – Cold Brat

If you’ve been a regular reader of SiM over the past 4 years or so then you may well have been wondering recently why there haven’t been many stories online. No, I wasn’t sitting on some sunny beach sipping piña coladas, I am living out every bloggers dream, writing for a medium, and getting paid for it! That’s right, with currency, that you can buy things with. Like milk and Nike Air Max.
This has had a knock-on effect on my ability to feature stuff on SiM, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about SiM! We’ll try to keep on giving bands that deserve it a platform to be heard on for as long as we can, but it probably won’t be in the same regularity as it was before…
What better way to come out of unexpected hibernation than by featuring the come back of one of our favourite Viennese twosomes, Fijuka!
As expected, the track is another piece of pop playfulness showcasing their talents at making catchy tracks with decent lyrics to back it up. The video for the single which will be on the band’s 2nd album sees the two at odds in a big old swimming pool. Its full of blood, screaming, cat fighting, hair pulling, and then a fair bit of hugging and kissing as they go toe to toe in a wintery setting which feels lightyears away from the spring which seems to have officially sprung. It is nothing less than we would expect from Fijuka. Bring on the new album!
Download the track on Soundcloud
Check out singer Annkathie Koi’s side-project live at the Electric Spring festival in the Museumsquartier alongside Johann Sebastian Bass, Elektro Guzzi, Leyya and many more on Friday night.