Mavi Phoenix

Who’s that chick thinking she’s all hollywood?



That, ladies and gents, would be Mavi Phoenix. They say appearances can be deceiving, and don’t let that young, pretty face fool you. Mavi Phoenix, real name Marlene Nader, may look like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but it does, and she turns it into venomous barbs of hip hop poison, and they are headed your way.

The linz-born artist recently released her first EP called My Fault with six tracks highlighting her musical potential. Mavi still has a little way to go before she is the finished article, but she definitely has the talent to make a name for herself, Green Queen is a catchy piece of electro pop highlighting her ability to not only spit lyrics but also produce mean beats.

She opened for Noah Kin in B72 recently and impressed with her lyrical talents. On stage she proved that she has the swagger to match the talk as she was accompanied by some big beats and a “who gives a shit” attitude. She’s definitely one to look out for, and you can catch her live at Grelle Forelle tomorrow night in Vienna, and at the Linzfest on Saturday.




15.05 – Grelle Forelle
16.05 – Linzfest