Klinger – Blow Shit Up


We may not agree with the message in the title, but there is no denying that this is an epic song which becomes progressively more dramatic and liberating. It feels like taking a big lung full of fresh air while standing on the edge of a cliff.
Klinger is Andreas KlingerKrenn, and “Blow Shit Up” is off his new album “KLINGER – Monster At The End” which came out on October 9th. The album features pretty much the who’s who of the Austrian indie scene at the moment, with Judith Filimónova (Fijuka, Bo Candy) on Bass,  Günther Paulitsch (Polkov, Stereoface, Marta) and Aurora Hackl Timón (Petra und der Wolf, Muth/Mayr/Hackl) | on drums,  Lina Maria Gärtner (Just Friends and Lovers, Lonesome Hot Dudes) and Vera Kropf (Luise Pop, Half Girl) on guitar (live and studio respectively, and many more.
While we were listening to the track it instantly reminded us of Farewell Dear Ghost, and my ears did not deceive me as Philipp Szalay plays guitar on the album. It has that happy-go-lucky feeling while also being full of emotion and a little touch of darkness as well.

Listen to the album here and buy it (name your price)