Out of the Woods Festival 2017

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You know that feeling you get when you watch good music, when your mind slowly drifts off into a different universe and separates from your physical form as you become one with the beats and sounds around you – it’s fucking amazing. That’s the only way to describe the feeling we had on Friday night at Out of The Woods festival as Foals took to the stage and went through hit after pounding, intense, math-rock hit. Ok, so the beer probably helped, and maybe I had a touch of sunstroke, but there’s no denying that Foals make good music.


Out of the Woods – Into the Fire

You’re probably wondering why we’re writing something now after a considerable break, or maybe not, maybe you didn’t even notice we were gone. Anyway, it’s like when you meet a friend, agree to meet up again as soon as possible and then nine months go by – all the while you have the thought in your head to get in touch with them, but something else comes up and you forget again, then you meet up and think: ‘why the fuck did it take us this long to meet up again’ that’s kind of what happened, I guess.

Something clicked listening to Foals in that alcohol-enthused, sun-drunk, Sweat-drenched, borrowed-shorts state, like a switch had been turned back on. Anyway, here’s goes nothing – this is how we experienced the Out of The Woods festival.

Everything is better in the dark

I was really looking forward to watching Nihils, and we made a massive effort to get there on time for them as well, only to get there a little too late due to an unexpected costume change and too many pivo stops. Or at least we thought we’d missed them until I heard the distinct sounds of Breathing from backstage, it would have been rude to ask Joe Mount from Metronomy if he could wait while we went and checked them out though.

Schmieds Puls were up next. A wonderfully melodic bands with beautifully touching songs, but also perfect background music for other activities.

As the air cooled and the beer flowed things got busier on the main stage for Metronomy, a band that has more hits than many expect or give them credit for, and they bashed them out in full force as hips swung and beer spilled to the sounds of The Bay, The Look and newer tracks like Night Owl.


With the crowd now truly warmed up and the sun slowly setting Foals took to the stage and showed why they are one of the best bands out there at the moment. It’s not everyday you see a band switch so smoothly from indie math-rock to mosh-pit inducing – and we’re talking massive mosh-pit inducing – music. People were sucked into the maelstrom of arms and legs by the dozen as girls battled to keep their dresses on and lads practiced their best flying kicks to some of the bands heavier tracks. Bellisimo.


After such an impressive display it was going to take something special from headliners Phoenix to steal the show, and while the music was dance-friendly and utterly perfect, they never really got the crowd going as they would have hoped. Perhaps their massive stage mirror and Las Vegas style lights were too distracting? With the encore in full swing it seemed as if singer Thomas Mars realised he needed to do something unorthodox to make this a show to remember, and that is what he did, by embarking on a ten minute crowd surf through the masses before literally standing on people hands and probably heads to finish the final song of the set.

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It was then off to the after party where we learned one essentially vital rule. Never. Ever. Piss off the driver of your only option to get home.

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