Sunday Sounds: Oscar Jerome – ’Where Are Your Branches?’ EP

Oscar (Credit Alex Kurunis)

South London’s Oscar Jerome has produced a 5-track, jazz-influenced EP that is the perfect soundtrack for a Sunday morning coffee, to close your eyes and just enjoy the music. Listen to it below.

Produced in part by Wu-Lu, Maxwell Owin and Oscar himself, and featuring collaborators such as Moses Boyd (Binker & Moses) and The Fader-tipped Poppy Ajudha, Jerome’s second EP finds his captivating blend of jazz, hip-hop, and electronica refracted through the dysfunction of modern society. Speaking about up-tempo first single and EP-opener, ‘Subdued’ – which is now accompanied by an otherworldly new video shot entirely in infrared – Jerome says; “I wanted to try and comment on the arrogance of our Western culture and certain people’s inability to view their existence as something much bigger than their own ego. I’m not going to point any fingers, take from it what you will.”

Jazz stylistics and off-kilter song structures permeate across ‘Where Are Your Branches?’ perhaps most strikingly on ’Chromatic Descendants’. Speaking about the track – Inspired by ‘Notes & Tones’, written by eccentric drummer Art Taylor, whose authoritative jazz percussion is referenced by ‘Chromatic Descendants’ -Oscar says: “This track is like two sides of a coin. On one side is the existence of music as something spiritual and on the other side it is always being connected to past politics and suffering.”