Substance Is Meaningless Top tracks – April 2018 – Part 1

Tom Wu-Presse4

We’re optimistic all those talented musicians out there (especially in Austria, where we’re based) will send us enough good music to make a part two (and maybe three)for April. See this as a challenge!

Here’s a very eclectic part one with the tracks that have caught our attention recently from artists based in Austria and around the world.

Tom Wu – Cocaine Champagne

We start off with the one-man-show that is Tom Wu. He sings, plays the drums and synthesizers all at once – impressive. His shows are best to be enjoyed in basements, or basement clubs, or anywhere “that you need to descend unto, like a submergence into the abysmal depths of our minds.” While that might not sound like the most inviting of descriptions, his music definitely has something about it. Listen below and check out the European tour dates.


13.04.2018 @ Maus Hábitos, Porto
05.05.2018 @ Import Export, Munich
21.05.2018 @ Rhiz, Vienna ++ ALBUM RELEASE ++
24.05.2018 @ Munich ++ ALBUM RELEASE ++
09.06.2018 @ Augsburg
22.06.2018 @ Gutfeeling Festival, Munich

Hearts Hearts – Sugar / Money

Like their last track  this is a massive grower. It’s infectious and gets under your skin. You’ll find it hard to get that beat and the unconventional vocal sound out of your head anytime soon.


Llovers – A Second With You

This has that airy, floaty feeling of other British bands like Swim Deep and it’s a song that is perfect for the spring vibes right now. Llovers are definitely a band to look out for this year.


Fred Seul – Lights Will Come (After Long)

If Editors made a lovechild with Interpol and Imagine Dragons, I think this what the end product would sound like. And I’m enjoying it. Fred Seul is a Copenhagen-based musician and social activist and the video for this track will drop very shortly.


TONY NJOKU – As We Danced

This is the latest track from British-Nigerian producer Tony Njoku, if you like early James Blake or SOHN, then you’ll enjoy this piece of music which combines club beats with soundscapes fit for modernist citadels.


Future States – Heaven

Oh my, how can you not move some part of your body to that beat? Okay, the lyrics are pretty depressing, but damn, that rhythm.


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