TENTS – Sabbatical – debut album out May 11th

(C) Anna Breit

The way Austrian trio Tents describe the use of a humble drum on the cover of their upcoming album sums up what this band is all about…

“The snare drum, a banal musical instrument at best, becomes an object to fetish about through grotesque product photography – this is a synonym for pop (music).”

Sabbatical, the latest single to be released off their debut album, Stars On The GPS Sky, is another example of the minimalistic “art pop” the band has become known for and once again takes you back to the 80s with its simple bass line and whip-cracking drums. The song is a message, a message to do something with your time: from volunteering on a farm to taking a painting class or tackling Kilimanjaro.

Whether you choose to heed the call and do something is up to you, but whatever you do, make sure it involves listening to this track and the forthcoming album which is out on May 11th.


If you like what you’ve heard, then check out some of their earlier stuff as well on Soundcloud like this one: