Sunday Sounds: boerd – Void

boerd press (2018) 2 copy

Ever wondered what downtempo electro influenced by classical music sounds like? YES? Well, it turns out that so did Swedish producer boerd or Bård as it is written in Swedish, who has just released his new mini-LP Static on AnjunaDeep. The new single VOID is a song about a state of loneliness, the isolated four walls of a studio and features Stockholm-based producer Ellen Arkbro on vocals – it’s the perfect thing for a contemplative Sunday morning think.


Speaking of the release, Bård explains, “’Förgängligt’ is a Swedish word that best translates to ‘transient’. For me, the songs on ‘Static’ are about this feeling – about relationships that never happened, about the ones that did happen but faded away, about both hard times and nice moments in my life that I’ve almost forgotten. Sometimes it feels like I’m stuck in a static blur of memories. The sounds and melodies in ‘Static’ makes the memories come alive a little bit, and I hope other people will have the same feeling.”