Substance Is Meaningless Top tracks – April 2018 – Part 2

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Well, it seems like the challenge put out there at the start of April was accepted, because we have tons of hot tracks hitting out inboxes at the moment. This is going to be a bit of a longer one…

Here’s part two of the tracks that have caught our attention recently from artists based in Austria and around the world.

CUT- It’s On

We start off with a very atmospheric piece of electro that has a little bit of that Jamie XX feeling with its glossy production from Dutch duo CUT.



The latest track from rapper Ebow is all about breaking up, reflecting on your own mistakes and getting over your own ego. If you think the video feels like she should be singing about chasing waterfalls or performing an Aaliyah cover, it’s because the video is a tribute to late 90s, early 2000 r’n’b. Let’s hope it stays a tribute, because damn, those trousers…

Ebow will be playing the following shows soon:

28.04.2018 DE, Munich @ Gasteig / Lange Nacht der Musik
09.05.2018 AT, Vienna @ Red Bull Music Festival
19.05.2018 DE, Lüneburg @ coraci Festival
26.05.2018 AT,Vienna @ Hyperreality Festival
09.06.2018 DE, Geltendorf @ Puls Open Air
16.06.2018 AT, Nickelsdorf @ Nova Rock Festival
21.07.2018 AT, Attersee @ Perspektiven Festival
17.08.2018 DE, Berlin @ Pop-Kultur Festival


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NIGHT OWLS – Better With Age

Leeds grunge pop trio Night Owls have return with the 2nd single from their forthcoming EP due for release next month and it’s an erratic piece of music that jutters and shakes your senses.

Team Picture – (I Want Your) Life Hack

Continuing in a very similar vein is this little unconventional doozy from fellow Leeds band, Team Picture. If there is a life hack, I want one too.


BATTS – Shame

BATTS is the alias of Melbourne-born singer Tanya Batt.  ‘Shame’ has that old-school britpop feel with a massive helping of PJ Harvey that isn’t all to common at the moment. It’s simplicity make it a track you’ll find going back to again and again.


The Vryll Society – Andrei Rublev

This is such a dreamy little indie track. Inspired by scenes from Andre Tarkovsky’s 1996 arthouse classic film, Andrei Rublev is an emotive charge of hip-hop drums, crunching bass lines and hypnotic guitar solos, hinting further at the themes and ideas likely to form the basis of their upcoming record which is out this summer.


Tanners – Holy Water

NYC based songwriter Tanners has created a seductive piece of psych-pop with Holy Water. Tanners is the moniker of New York City-based songwriter and producer Tanner Peterson, Tanners was first realized while she was a Music Technology student at NYU. Fully intent on pursuing audio engineering post-graduation, Tanners shifted gears after engineering several other artists’ records and realized she had her own story to tell. We like.



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Mavi Phoenix – Yellow

Mavi continues to dazzle with her tracks and she’s pulled another tune out of the bag here. Check out her recent Colors performance below and enjoy the little autotune discussion in the comments. What do you think, does she use too much autotune?

Tall William – One Horse Town

He’s tall, he’s called William, and he’s still making music worth listening to. Check out his latest track below and if you like what you hear, go watch him out at his next EP release on the 3rd of May.



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