Watch the video to Saltwater Sun’s new track – The Wire

Saltwater Sun Press Shot - January 2018

I don’t know why, but this video to Saltwater Sun’s new track, The Wire is just awesome. Perhaps it’s because it’s surreal, or perhaps it’s because you probably wouldn’t really blink an eyelid anymore to a bloke dancing through the park in a suit. Watch it below.

Marshalled by frontwoman gritty yet infectious vocals, the Reading quintet’s first release of 2018 boasts stratospheric hooks, explosive guitars and delicious harmonies. Having spent the last 18 months working on new material the five-piece are now gearing up for a hectic year with a slew of festival dates and releases in the pipeline.

Discussing their video, the band stated: “We wanted a video that represented some of the difficult ideas in the song, but in a more positive way. The lyrics are about losing what little control we have and that’s exactly what happens in the video – but instead of anger and despair, we’ve got a guy losing himself to dance”.