Substance Is Meaningless Top tracks – April 2018 – Part 3


BOOOOOOM! So many good tracks, so little time to write about them. Here’s part three of the tracks that have caught our attention recently from artists based in Austria and around the world this month.

Black Light White Light – California Love

We start off with a very shimmering track from psych-rockers Black Light White Light. The band creates spacious and distorted soundscapes echoing with a fuzzy feeling, catchy songs drenched in psychedelia enveloped with dark and pervasive melancholy.



FLUT – Regen

The Austrian band with a penchant for everything 80s come back with a power ballard that would be perfect for an 1980’s ‘remeniscing about what went wrong’ montage. Preferably with Patrick Swayze banging a fist against a wall, or Kevin Bacon on a motorbike in the rain as the sun goes down…

Margot – Desensitised

I’ll admit it, i’m a sucker for a bit of breezy, dreamy indie at the moment, and the new track from Margot is just that. Give me a pint, stick me in field and let me sing along to this.


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Clara Luzia – When The Streets 

The above mood continues with Clara Luzia’s new track, When The Streets. What a lovely little track this one is!



I’ll finish the month with a totally different track altogether, but it’s an absolute tune. When I first moved to Austria I couldn’t understand the point of German/Austria hip-hop sung by people who look they could’ve been your teachers at school, but it looks like I’ve truly acclimatized… love it.

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Listen to all of these tracks and the ones from part one and two here: