5 minutes with…Tents

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Paul from Austrian-trio Tents took a few minutes away from band practice ahead of their album-release show in Fluc tonight to chat to Substance is Meaningless and reveal why they actually have a long-lasting distaste for tents, suppressed memories and guilty pleasures.

Their debut album, Stars On The GPS Sky, was released on 11th of May, get it here on Numavi Records. 


When and where was the last time you slept in a tent? I really don’t like camping and neither do my bandmates, so the last time we spent a night in a tent is too long ago to recall or maybe we just suppressed the memories! 

An essential piece of equipment you need when camping (apart from the tent) is… We would bring enough cash for the next best hotel room.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in a tent? Suppressed memories are suppressed for a reason!!!

It’s almost festival season, which also involves a bit of tent usage, name 5 bands that would be in your ultimate festival line up? The original line-up of the Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac in the original line-up as well, Blur, Oasis and Simon & Garfunkel… only to imagine the awkward backstage scenes.

What’s your favourite festival and why? Indoor festivals, festivals with hotels nearby, festivals close enough to sleep in your own bed and all other festivals without tents for obvious reasons!

Your favourite curse word is… We like them all pretty much the same as long as they don’t offend anyone.

An aspect of modern culture you hate the most is? Cultural pessimism and outdoor activities.

The greatest chocolate bar/desert is… Sweets are highly overrated and unhealthy however Clemens sometimes brings those cheap fake “Knoppers” to the rehearsal and we eat them if we run out of bananas, so I guess it’s those.

(What a song, btw)

The last song you listened to was…

Track 4 (now 5) of the new Parquet Courts record. (Yes, it took me a whole song to double-check how to spell them). The new album is called Wide Awake! listen to track 5 below. 

The last album you bought was… Johnny Geiger’s new tape. It’s called ‘Hunger’ and I didn’t really buy it but exchanged it with one of ours. One of the few financially profitable aspects of being in a band…

Your guilty pleasure is… I usually reply with Ryan Paris to that question, even though I never felt guilty about Dolce Vita!

A German word that should be adopted into the English language? Let’s not confuse people with German language!

Name the three most-used apps on your phone? Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Page Manager (guilty pleasure?) – Seems more like an addiction to us, Paul!