Mascha – Wie 1 James Bond Song


It’s days like these that I’m extremely grateful to be able to speak two languages. Why? Because the German lyrics in this track by Ukrainian-born, Vienna-based artist Mascha are bloody brilliant. Now, you may be wondering why we’re mentioning a track taht went up on YouTube over a year ago? Well, aside from the fact that this tune deserves way more attention, it was also officially released on digital on May 28th via Problembär Records. Perfect reason to talk about it!

Du bist wie ein James Bond, bist so heiß wie Roger Moore, nur wohnst du in Bruck an der Mur

Listen to the track below and enjoy. If you can’t speak German, then maybe this a reason to learn?


Mascha combines the post-soviet charm of her Ukranian roots with the black humour of Vienna. The classically trained pianist has been inspired by the likes of Grimes, Beethoven, Lady Gaga and the Internet, and the end product is an eclectic pop concoction of electro, acoustic and piano sounds mixed with deadly humour.


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