Substance is Meaningless goes hardcore

Alas, I’m not talking about releasing my sex tape (seriously, you are not ready for this bootylicious jelly) we’re talking about the kind of music you’ll normally never, ever, find on SIM. That’s right, we went to our first ever hardcore gig to support a friend who plays in the Austrian Eastside Hardcore band (yes, that is a thing, apparently) Owe You Nothing. Now, we made the decision on SIM to stop reviewing gigs a long time ago, because there just wasn’t the time anymore, but as it was a special occasion, I thought I’d write a wee bit about what we saw and learned from the gig.

I possess nothing remotely hardcore/rocker. Trying to decide what to wear to “fit in” to this gig was a nightmare being the tight jeans and Superga wearing non-hardcore kinda guy that I am. The only black t-shirt I have has a flowery parrot on it. What did I learn: buy a black t-shirt with white writing on it.

What did he say? The world is your oyster when it comes to interpreting what these bands are singing about. A one time I thought he was singing about the perils of social media and posting on Facebook. I’m preeety sure that wasn’t the case. What did I learn: these gigs should come with subtitles, or a booklet with the lyrics in them like you get in church or at weddings to sing along to.

Musically, these guys are spot on. I’m not into the music, but I have massive respect for these kinds of bands as musicians, and yes, eventually I found myself tapping my feet and nodding along to the music as I blanked out the screaming. What did I learn: 6 or 7 more beers and I may have been into this a lot more. Who’d have thunk it, ey? 

I’ll stick to what I know best. On the whole, I can see why this music has its appeal and in a different life, who knows, maybe this blog could’ve been all about this music. But overall, the complete sound just brought to mind something you would hear if you stuck a banana, a bag full of pennies and an old converse sneaker into a blender and hit full power for twenty minutes, and I can do that at home. What did I learn: hardcore just isn’t for me.

If hardcore, and more specifically, Austrian Eastside Hardcore, is YOUR thing, then please check out Owe You Nothing. Based on the way people who actually know a bloody thing about this music reacted to their support slot for Madball, you won’t be disappointed!