Gone but not forgotten – The Rakes

We’ll be talking about bands that graced us with their wonderful music but are sadly no more in this series.

The Rakes – 2003 to 2009

Capture/Release (2005)
Ten New Messages (2007)
Klang (2009)

Listen to if you like
Bloc Party, Gang of Four, early Franz Ferdinand

The early 00’s was a beautiful time to be an indie music fan. There were a plethora of young, new, fresh bands taking inspiration from the shot in the arm bands like The Strokes, The Libertines and The White Stripes had given the scene, moving away from the (still great) but somewhat overdone 90’s brit-pop era to an energetic, more angular and gritty type of club guitar music.

The Rakes were one of these bands. Formed in 2003, their first – and friggen awesome – album Capture/Release came out in 2005 and to much fanfare. Their energetic live performances and lead singer Alan Donohoe Ian Curtis-esque stage presence immediately made them cult favourites on the festival circuit. The band also attained significant popularity in Europe, especially the German-speaking countries like Germany and Austria due to the fact that so much of their music referenced times and places around there, they also spoke a bit of German themselves on stage, which helped!

Things didn’t go as planned for the band as they failed to live up to the high standards of this first album with their follow-ups, but their music lives on.

Here are their top tracks

A must-play on my setlist for every indie party I’ve ever dj’d at.

22 grand job
Find a better track that sums up how many 20 somethings in London feel after graduating.

Full of paranoid, itchy, infectious energy

Work Work Work (Pub Club Sleep)
Another classic analysis of British working-class life.

In fact, fuck it. Have them all.