Hold – Diners Club EP

If you like Vague (a band we recently interviewed) then you’ll love singer Gabriel Hyden’s new solo project! Made under his alter ego Sean Videre, the three-track EP looks in on the world from the outside, observing and commenting on a time that currently has so much wrong with it – ranging from far-right politics to racism or simply living life as it should be. Listen to tracks below and find out a bit more about them afterward.

Listen to Diners Club EP


Phones describes the magical moment he looked up from his phone while sitting on a packed tube to realise that he was the only one staring into his screen. Seeing all the faces actually living in the now, in actual real life left him with an awe-inspiring moment of realisation, that this might have been the last time he ever gets to see and feel this way…

Sean Videre is not an easy person to understand. His girlfriend would always remind him to finish sentences without drifting off into the oblique. He’s an observer in a time that offers too much to take in, and mostly, too much to be finished observing in a lifetime.

Time goes into the frustration felt after a conversation he had with a far-right man in a bar. He shouldn’t beat about the bust and just talk “some fucking German” to him and explain why he’s a racist. When he isn’t able to do this, he realises that he’s a just a sad pawn in a politically poisoned environment. The last Nazi looking for love who got lost in a left-wing bar…

Diners Club carries on the theme of looking for love in the wrong places and tells the story of rushing yourself into events, places and happenings only to figure out that this isn’t the place for you. It plays on the feeling of being unwelcome, and the paranoid thoughts that go through one’s head in these situations:  Do they still remember your name? Do they care that you just biked through half of the city to attend? Maybe. Probably not.