Substance Is Meaningless Top tracks – September 2018 – Part 1

(Artwork above Martin Ruffin)

September! School! Autumn! Music! Gigs! There are so many cool tracks lighting up our inboxes right now. Here’s the pick of the bunch so far.

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KAIKO – The Daze 

This one actually dropped in August, but we only just got around to reading the email (shame on us). The track is a preview of what’s to come on the Austrian bands next ep Passage/Detached. You can catch them live at this years WAVES VIENNA festival.


Cosmic Strip – Sugar Rush

Dreamy shoegazers Cosmic Strip share their latest irresistible dose of psychedelia in new single Sugar Rush, taken from the band’s debut EP Heavenly, which came out at the end of August.


Boy Björn – Now I’m Running

Off  the  back  of  poignant  opening  one-two  ‘Anchorage’ and  ‘Alone  At  The  Severance’,  Communion’s  latest  signee  Boy  Bjorn  comes back with his latest track full of ethereal tones. ,His  debut  album  ‘Mistaken  Animals’ is set  for  release  on  12th October.


Lover – Eagle To The Prey 

‘Eagle To The Prey’ is the debut single from a new project called LOVER by Australian artist Oliver Kirby. The artist moved into a house with a few of his talented artist friends (Tanssi & Oh Boy), and it didn’t take them long to start collaborating and working together. With their powers combined they were able to write, produce, mix & master ‘Eagle To The Prey’ from within their home/recording space.


FYE & FENNEK – Dark Lights

With Dark Lights, German duo FYE & FENNEK have produced a sound that is reminiscent of Berlin summer nights, chasing youth and a sense of freedom, feeling eager to exchange innocence for excitement. Listen to it below.

cityGirl – Remarkable

Check out this atmospheric new track from NJ-based cityGirl, featuring swaying guitar twangs, nocturnal synths, and serene vocals.

Henry Nowhere – Good Thing

Henry Nowhere’s (née Henry Moser) sound is of the easygoing, sun-bleached spirit of his native California. His singular brand of lo-fi bedroom pop is hazy and hopeful, check out his latest track, Good Thing, below.


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