Sunday Sounds – 5 tracks you need to listen to

(Photo above: Loyal Lobos by Sydney Yatco)

Looking for the perfect soundtrack to your Sunday? Then check out these new releases!

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Estef – Come Around 

This is a soulful track that is the perfect accompaniment for a chilled-out morning in the sun. Estef is a jazzy, pop r&b singer/songwriter based in Nashville. Raised on soul and Motown, her sound marries infectious hooks and irresistible grooves with striking honesty and clarity in her lyrics.


Ash – Naked

This track from 22-year-old Hawaiian born, Canada-based newcomer Ash could work as a pre or post-drink soundtrack. In Naked, Ash channels the spirit of Sade, infusing elements of ’80s R&B with a modern twist.


Sha La Das – Just for a minute 

Full of doo wop, blues and soul sensibilities, this track feels modern but also something you might find lost in your grandparent’s attic. Such a lovely sound. Their debut album ‘Love in the Wind’ out September 21st.


Loyal Lobos – Swim 

We head in a more acoustic, atmospheric direction now with Colombian-born, L.A.-Based artist Andrea Silva, aka Loyal Lobos. Drawing on influences as diverse as the hazy melancholy of Mazzy Star, the melodrama of Colombian telenovelas and her memories of a childhood during which her parents considered music an unwelcome distraction, Silva writes raw, alt-folk songs that break convention.


Violetta Sironi – Little Wound

Take  folk,  Americana  and  a  mesmerizing  voice  and  combine  it  with mediterranean  sensibilities  and  you  get  Violetta  Zironi. Her latest single, ‘Little Wound’ is an painfully honest and intimate song that will have you feeling all sorts of emotions. SPOILER ALERT – don’t listen if your Sunday hangover still has you feeling emotionally fragile, you’ll be reaching for the kleenex before you know it.

Listen to the tracks in our playlist in full here