Event Tips in Vienna – September

Looking for something to do in Vienna? Whether it’s music, culture or film, these things might be worth checking out over the next for weeks. We’ll continue to update this as the month goes on, so watch this space. These are just a few of the highlights happening in Vienna. If you want detailed info on everything that’s happening, check out (in German):

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14.09 – 21.10 – World Press Photo Exhibition 2018 @Westlicht


black and silver film camera on brown wooden surface
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

The World Press Photo Exibition heads to Vienna as part of the world tour. A must if you love photography.

15.09 – Streetlife Festival 


Music, football, workshops and more on Babenburgerstrasse this weekend. Worth going to if you wanna see Erwin & Edwin, Scheibsta & die Buben and VIECH 

15 – 16.09 – Edelstoff 16


The Marx Halle opens its doors for two days of shopping, art, design, music and streetfood!

21.09 – Glazed Curtains @ B72


Dirty riffs, gritty sounds and guitar solos. You’re in the wrong place if you’re looking for electro beats on September 21st.

27 – 29.09 – WAVES VIENNA Festival  


Pressyes – Photo (C) Marlene Lacherstorfer

The showcase festival and conference returns for another year of shows from new artists and established musicians alike, with great performances in unique locations and prominent clubs. This year’s emphasis is on Portugal and Slovakia.

Listen to the Deezer-curated playlist here

29.09 – Fettkakao13


The Fluc cafe hosts FETTKAKAO 13 to celebrate 13 years of the lable with live performances from La Sabotage (A), Lime Crush (Wien), Bruch