WAVES VIENNA Preview – Bands to See – Part 1 – Thursday

It’s September in Vienna, which means it is time for another WAVES VIENNA festival. The motto year is ‘East meets West’ with a special focus on Portugal and Slovakia. We’ve taken the time to listen to EVERY BAND on offer this year, and selected the ones we think you should definitely not miss out on. As it so happens, there isn’t a lot of an overlap with these artists either, if you wanted to see them all.

This is just our selection, please go to the WAVES website and check out the rest of the quality acts on offer if you can: wavesvienna.com/line-up/

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P.s – if you’re looking for long-winded blah blah reviews of the bands, then go somewhere else. We’re letting the music do the talking with two sentences per band, maximum.  

Let’s start with Thursday. Deep breath, here we go!

Haiku Garden
Thursday, September 27
6:30 pm-7:15 pm

WUK Halle

Guitar-heavy dream pop mixed with noise rock from Slovakia.

Thursday, September 27
7:00 pm-7:45 pm

Ottakringer Stage

Freaky electro beats with English/German lyrics. Possibly crazy enough to work.

Thursday, September 27

8:15 pm-9:00 pm
Ottakringer Stage

Slovakian electro-pop with drippings of synth and guitar sounds to top off the musical Smörgåsbord.

Thursday, September 27
8:30 pm-9:15pm
WUK Beisl

One of the most promising bands to come out of Portugal? Yep.

Thursday, September 27
9:15 pm-10:00 pm
Open Air Stage

This band continues to be awesome. Show them some love.

Thirsty Eyes
Thursday, September 27
10:45 pm-11:30pm

Ottakringer Stage

You’ll need to wash the dirt and smoke out of your ears after listening to the dirty sounds of Thirsty Eyes.

Thursday, September 27
12:00 am-1:00 am(Night of Thu. to Fri.)

Ottakringer Stage

Stay sleazy with the addictively good sounds of post-punk London-based band Warmduscher. Don’t miss.

Thursday, September 27
12:45 am-1:30 am (Night of Thu. to Fri.)

WUK Foyer

Cleanse yourself with the beautifully atmospheric sounds of Austrian duo Dramas as you head into Friday morning.


Tsar B
Thursday, September 27
2:00 am-2:45 am(Night of Thu. to Fri.)

WUK Foyer

Mix the vocal qualities of Lorde with the musical influences of Björk and the attitude of Rihanna and this is what you get.