WAVES VIENNA -5 bands that stole the show and 3 three things we learned-

Another year, another WAVES VIENNA and another load of memories and music to consider. There were so many good bands this time around, and rather than talking about how good they all were, we’re going to pick out the 5 bands that REALLY caught our eye and surprised us in little time they had.


Fuck Sisi, Austria has a new empress, and her name is Mascha! Wow, what a performance. Without a doubt the best show of the festival. Her natural aura, humour and genuine, magnetic charisma on stage was a real breath of fresh air as she sang, rapped and talked about life as a millennial, politics, social media and even had the balls to sing a song criticising major labels, at a showcase festival. Every minute was a joy to watch. Everyone needs a bit of Mascha in their lives, RIGHT. NOW!


Thirsty Eyes

You couldn’t get any more different to Mascha if you tried. Thirsty Eyes were on the other end of the spectrum, full of on-stage arrogance, performance clichés and what seemed like a genuine disgust for the festival and everything it represents which made for an ‘interesting’ show. Luckily, music is what really does the talking, and they have the musical talent to back up their bite. Definitely a band to keep an eye on.



If you’re looking for music to make sexy time to, this is it. I think I had two musical orgasms, it would have been three, but the singer’s glasses kept sliding down his nose and ruining the moment.



I hyped these up before the festival, and they didn’t disappoint. Lovely music by a band that seems like they are lovely people too. Lead singer Margarida Falcão has a stunningly powerful yet fragile voice, and Vaarwell’s music is perfect to drift away to.



No-nonsense indie rock. No bells and whistles, just guitars and the treacle-sweet voice of lead singer Ilgen-Nur Borali.

Special mentions go to…

Viech – always bring out the deepest of conversations. Drahthaus – for having a cheese grater on stage in an immensely complex live show. Tamino – for telling everyone to shut the fuck up and listen to the music.

Three things we learned…

  1. WUK was, is, and hopefully always will be one of the best locations in Vienna for music, culture and events. Long live WUK.
  2. The Deezer Next stage was bollocks. Average sound and an awful room made it hard for very goods bands who could have been excellent on a better stage.
  3. Beers should come with a rattle or some kind of clapping sound so you can clap and hold your beer at the same time…