WRONG BODY releases debut EP Benzo Edits – out January 25th

Like goth crooner pop? Never even knew the genre existed and are really keen to find out what it’s all about? Well, here you go, check out the Benzo Edits EP from Wrong Body which is out on CUT SURFACE at the end of January.


Atmospheres of intimacy and vulnerability, held together by arrangements of captivating lightness. Dino Spiluttini’s songs under his Wrong Body moniker are among the most accessible in his output and they might also be his most emotionally devastating. As Wrong Body, Spiluttini’s influences have shifted away from the post-punk starkness of his earlier “pop” projects and the abrasive intensity of his experimental music, and moved into something warmer and more intimate, at points even skirting an R’n’B-like seductiveness. “Benzo Edits” combine warmly enveloping musical arrangements with lyrics describing a sense of cold emotional desperation. This, crucially, is not a paradox. It instead speaks to how an emotional experience comes from a capacity to bear ambivalence. This ambivalence gives Spiluttini’s songs an emotional depth that could never have been reached by a sound more superficially dark.